Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nice to Meet Ya

Hi every-buddy. This is my first blog. I saw Jeter Harris on Cat of the Day last Saturday and I saw that he has a blog and I thought, wow! That's really cool. I bet I could make lots of new buddies if I had a blog, too.

I'm always lookin' for new buddies. I live with my sister, Coco, who's a wiener dog, but she asked if she can be an honorary cat, 'cuz she doesn't really like dogs. She just likes cats. I'm happy to be buddies with dogs, though. I have lots of cat buddies -- especially Peach, who moved to California last month, and Izzy, who lives two doors over. I like to go over to Izzy's house to play. I'm buddies with Cheyenne the dog next door, too. I'm lookin' forward to meetin' all of you so we can be buddies too!

Since this is still Thursday, I guess I'll give a Thursday Thirteen. Here are thirteen things I like, so you can get to know me better:
1) Snugglin' on the afghan on my momma on the couch
2) eatin' my Tast-tee t/d kibbles. Momma says they're gold-plated prescription K's. I don't know if it's the gold plate or what, but they are Tast-tee!!
3) wrestlin' with my sister Coco the Wiener Dog
4) climbin' trees
5) knockin' things off tables. especially if they're hard and make a big crash sound and leave lots of hard pieces I can knock around
6) a bowl of cream for breakfast
7) knockin' on Auntie Elaine's door to see if I can come over and play with Izzy
8) huntin' with my buddy Izzy
9) playin' Jungle Kitty (Momma sings a song about it: "Jungle Kitty / woo woo / Jungle Kitty / git it on!!!)
10) takin' a li'l nip (for medicinal reasons)
11) sittin' in the window
12) nappin' on the rocker
13) puttin' my paw on my momma in the mornin' so she won't get out of bed

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Chen & Ollie said...

Jimmy Joe, it's great to meet you! We enjoyed reading your Thursday Thirteen and looking forward to keeping up with you on your bloggie.
Mr. Chen & Ollie