Monday, June 25, 2007

Manly Mancat Monday

Here I am in the backyard, keeping an eye out for Vishus Deer.

We have lots and lots of Vishus Deer where I live, and they're really cheeky. The walk all over the yard, and they cross the roads to attack cars, too! So you have to stay on guard all the time. Coco's pretty good at chasing Vishus Deer away, but Momma says the most she could do is nip a hoof, 'cuz, well, she's a wiener dog.

Sometimes, Momma grills a piece of Vishus Deer and Coco and I get to clean the plate!!!

Yep, that's right: I have licked Vishus Deer juice.

Now that's pretty manly, you gotta admit.

On the down side, I have had a real set-back recently: Momma says she's goin' to Germany (where Dragonheart lives), and she won't be back for over a month! That means I have to hang out at Granny & Poppa's place with mean, 'fraidy Sophie, and Oreo the grumpy old lady (although she's okay--she's just bossy. But she's 19, so Momma says she gets to do what she wants now). I'll just have Coco to keep me company. I'll try to keep you all posted when I can.


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wow, you've licked vishus deer juice? Impressive!

Nice job keeping a lookout in your backyard!

Sorry to hear your mom is going to be gone for so long. Germany is a wonderful place to visit, though. I'm sure she'll really enjoy it over here. :)

LZ said...

WOW. That is really impressive! I'm sorry your mom is leaving for a while but at least you've got a nice place to go for a while.


Daisy said...

Oh Jimmy Joe, be very very very careful of the vishus deer! If they knew you licked some of their blood, they might try to get some revenge! But you look like you are alert for them.

The Crew said...

Hi! Saw you over at Ben's comments. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Sorry we didn't find you sooner, but please stop by and see us.

The Crew


Wow I am impressed! Look at yu doing yur dooty and watchin furr vishus deers.

Oh it am too bad about yur Mom going to Germany -- is dat a long long way from where yu are? Becuz that sounds like a lot of naps to me.


HRH Yao-Lin said...

wow vishus deer juice? Crikey! You ARE a mancat!!!

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Jimmy Joe, a whole month? awwwwwwwww.

Samantha & Mom said...

My mom has eaten vishus deer, she just told us. Wow, you are very brave and a great Mancat Jimmy Joe. So sorry, you Mom is going away for 30 whole days. We'll be thinking about you. Maybe some of us can teleport over and play with you so you won't be lonely.
Your Florida friends,
Samantha & Tigger

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We are furry impressed, yoo gots to lick vishus deer joose! So little Coco scared Sophie and she won't come out and meet yoo? Well, yoo gots a whole month to win her over, we bet yoo can do it.

Kimo and Sabi said...

What is up wif all da momma leaving us cats? Sheesh!

sammawow said...

Oh, wow, Jimmy Joe - we are so impressed that you actually tasted vishus deer juice! You are definitely a mancat extraordinaire! However, we are sorry that your mom is leaving for a while but our dad also lived in Germany and said it is very nice there. So even though you will miss her, it sounds like a great place to visit.

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Hi JimmyJoe, I nefurr reely notissed how much we look like eech uvver till now. We haf vishus deer in our feelds sumtimes too, and once when dad kilt one wiv his loud bangy fing we ate some as well. Yoo are looking furry manly doing yer lookout dooty.
If yoo want to teleport ofurr while yer mum's in Germany, yoo are furry welcome.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Dat wuz me Flynn cuz yoo and Eric don't look so much alike as we do.

Unknown said...

Jimmy Joe, BE VERY CAREFUL about the vishus deer. Do you have some of Mao and Rocky's Vishus Deer repelleant? We woud advise you to get some if you are going to keep sitting there watching for those vishus cat eating animals.

Mr. Hendrix said...

You are so manly. I can't believe you've tasted vishus deer juice! *passes out* I'm ok now, I just got overwhelmed. You look very alert for the vishus deer, just be careful.
I'm sorry your mommy is going to be gone so long. Hopefully Sophie will warm up to you and Coco while you're there. I hope your mommy has fun!

Parker said...

You can always come over and play with me! I am VERY impressed that you had vishus deer juice! Wow!

The Furry Kids said...

You've licked vishus deer juice?! You are very, very brave and manly.