Sunday, August 31, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Momma is super-stressed out over half a dozen projects and deadlines.

My job is to remind her how to take it Easy Like Sunday Morning.
The hardest part about being a stress-management therapist is not to get stressed out over it. Make sure to get lots of scritches to relax.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

(Almost) Wordness Wednesday

It's still August.
Not much goin' on.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Meme: Quirks

My grate friends Kimo & Sabi tagged me for the "Quirks" meme!

- Link back to the person who tagged you
- Mention the rules on your blog
- Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
- Tag more bloggers and link to them

Oh geez, I don't think of myself as a particularly quirky guy, but let's see...
1) I only run up trees when somebody is watching me. I figure, why waste the energy without an audience.
2) I like to stare at Bean food for a while before I eat it. Sometimes I stare at it, and then I lick it a little, and then I stare at it a little while longer. Then I eat it. This causes problems when Coco is around.
3) I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating: DON'T TOUCH THE BACK FEETS!
4) I get the super-crazies before I poo.
5) Our 'partment is half-underground, so the windows are right at ground-level, and I like to stare in the windows when I go outside. Usually I stare at Momma in my 'partment, but sometimes I go around the back and stare at other people. It is good to be a friendly neighbor.
6) I get treats as well whenever Coco comes in from being a Good Girl and going potty outside. Sometimes Beans ask,
"Why does he get a treat when he didn't do anything?"
That's a stupid question.

I tag my grate buddies:

I hope you have a grate weekend, buddies, with nothin' to do but chillaxin'!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

We had a very exciting event this past weekend: a visit from the momma, grandma and grandpa of my grate friend Tiger Lily (and her siblings Jemima, Ruckus, Zeke and Sushi)! Tiger Lily's momma is very nice, but I have to confess: my momma scolded me for not being more friendly. I think I did the best I could, though, under the circumstances.

See, they brought a WOLF* along with them!!! Here I was, all ready to meet our guests, and when I walked out the building front door, here was this WOLF bounding around in my yard!!!

*Momma keeps telling me that Tippy was not a wolf, that he was a very nice German Shepherd, but obviously she is lying, because we all know that German shepherds look like this:

Now, you know I don't have anything against doggies in general--in fact, I live with one. Sometimes I even greet the doggies who walk down the street in front of our building. But even the most open-minded of kitties would be put-out to find a WOLF in his front yard!!!

**whatever, I refuse to believe this was anything but a WOLF.
But I did let Momma and Tiger Lily's momma get a photo-op with me. Tiger Lily, I can report that your momma was very nice and appreciated my grate white tummy and my light green eyes.
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recycling: Midnight & Mancat Monday

Hi Everybuddy--
This was my postie last Monday, but last week we were concentrating on the tragic loss of baby Violette, so I thought that I would run this again.
Momma left me at Granny and Poppa's for three days and then came back, but then she promptly turned around and left again, this time with Granny and Poppa and Auntie Jane and all of her family! They were gone for three days, too. Luckily then I had four good days of playing at Granny & Poppa's with everyone home before the terrible ordeal of driving back to Ithaca.

My cousin Sophie and I get along together pretty well, once she gets over sulking and hiding under the bed for the first two days. This is my cousin Sophie on her favorite hang-out spot, her red condo:

Here is a nice headshot of Sophie. She has rockin' Golden Panther eyes.

Now, Sophie, see, is a lot more fun than her little sister Sassy. Sassy has major "tabbi-tude," Granny calls it. She keeps following me around the house, saying things like "YOU SUCK!" and "GO HOME, FATTY!" and "THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE!" in her squeaky little voice. I told her once, "ya know, pip-squeek, if you gotta problem with me, just go somewhere else." But she prefers following me everywhere, telling me that she doesn't like me. It gets very tiresome.

But Sophie is fun to play with. She can Coco play chase, and she and I play wrestle around the cat-ring after Granny gives us some good 'nip.
Here we are on the ring:
This is my favorite: we call it "Stand-off" !!! Momma makes a whistle sound, "ooo-ee-ooo-ee-ooooo." I think we should have a tumble-weed going by, too, but Momma draws the line at tumble weeds in the house. Bummer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Friday

We all left Granny and Poppa's in Michigan and came back to Ithaca on Wednesday, which meant another pill + PTU experience. I might not have mentioned this before, but this also involves Guantanamo Bay-worthy punishment: almost 24 hours without access to a bowl of crunchies!!!

So Wednesday night and yesterday I practiced the following strategies:

Demanding double rations at the bowl--think of all of the gravy I've lost over the past 24 hours!!!

Killing rugs. Who knows what sort of evil rug-takeover they have been plotting in our absence.

Wait until Momma gets settled on the couch with the laptop and then lay a nice, stinky bomb in the pan. That is always really funny.

We have been really sorrowful all week over the tragic loss of baby Violette, Monty Q's Sprout. We wear violet tomorrow in her honor.