Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Tattle

Oh boy, buddies, do I have a grate tattle today!

See, one of Coco's bad habits* is shredding tissues and napkins. Last week, look what Momma found when she got home:

She had put a whole new packet of tissues in her backpack, and the whole thing had been pulled out and shredded, plastic and all!

Coco, of course, denies everything. She says there is an evil Wiener-Demon who comes out of a closet and shreds the napkins on the coffee table and the tissues from the purses when Momma is not around. Momma doesn't believe this, though, because she's also found shredded napkins and tissues in her car when Coco has gone for a ride. And she doesn't know how the Wiener-Demon would get into the car. So we're pretty sure all of the evidence points to Coco.
*Coco adamantly claims that she has no bad habits.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Caturday: Weekend Update

So here's how our week has been, buddies:

Every day the snow starts to go away, and then every night we get more snow. It was snowing this morning, too. Momma put out food for the birdies, which they like.

So the other morning, when Coco went outside for her morning pee, and Momma went to get the paper, I figured: "Well, if we're gonna keep having snow, maybe I should just deal with it."

So I started to check it out, careful not to get my toes too cold.

Maybe I can still find some grass under the snow? Or some leaves to play with?

Ehhhh, it's not really worth it. I think I'll stick to my inside-mousies and inside-tree.

So that was my week.
The end, as JH would say.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday: worried about my toes

Oh, maaaaan...
Look at my snowy yard!!!

I think fall is really over, Jack'o'lantern.

Coco doesn't mind. She just wears a sweater.

See, the problem with snow is:
It makes your toes cold.
So I think I'm just gonna watch.
And we are sending all of our purrs and furs to brave little Moki, too. Hang in there, buddy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday is Caturday

Momma is so worried about getting everything done, and she said that she crosses something off of her "to-do" list and then has to add two more things.
I am completely sympathetic because it seems like my to-do list is never-ending, too. There is always:
--investigating the grounds
--eating some crunchies to keep my energy up
--finding sunshine
--keeping an eye on the birdies and squirrels outside
--keeping Momma's feets warm and helping her get her reading done
--giving myself a good bath

I cross something off the "to-do" list and then I have to jump right into something else. But it is important to share and enjoy the quiet moments together. It is rainy today, but we had nice warm sunshine earlier this week, and Coco and I showed Momma how to make the most of a nice sunny day.

I told Momma she needs to plan a break tonight so we can catch up with all of your blogs, buddies.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring all of our veterans

Momma suggested that I tell every-buddy about the United States War Dog Association today, since doggies, horses, and many other animals have also nobly served our country. Here is an excerpt from an article by a man named Steve Dale, which was in our USA Weekend section a couple of months ago:

"Once while U.S. Marine Ron Aiello was serving in Vietnam, he was alerted by his partner to stop and heel--immediately! Aiello heeded the warning. Moments later, a sniper opened fire, just missing Aiello.

His partner, who clearly saved Aiello's life, was a German shepherd named Stormy. In the time they were together, Aiello says, Stormy saved his life 'a few times.' Today, Aiello is president of the non-profit United States War Dogs Association.

Aiello estimates that military dogs saved about 10,000 lives in Vietnam. 'They have already saved thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan,' he adds. Dogs on duty help detect land mines and explosives, conduct search and rescue operations, and serve as guard dogs."

Not only doggies, but also many horses, dolphins, and even birds have helped our soldiers through the years. So we should celebrate them as veterans as well today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mancat Monday: Update

Well, buddies, as you know, my momma is super busy and stressed out this fall. So I've been working overtime, too, keeping her feets warm and making sure she gets her daily allowance of cuteness. I brought her a mouse to play with a few weeks ago, too, since she was staying home on Saturday night and I felt sorry for her. I didn't even complain when she abandoned me last weekend to go to the Big City. So I've been pretty busy with all of my mancat duties.

Here is the update of what's been going on over the Halloween weekend:
Last week, Diamond Emerald-Eyes made a fantastic costume for me for her Masquerade Ball! Check it out!

Then the day after Halloween, Momma and Miss Megan went to the Howl-o-ween Parade at the Dog Park to see the doggies' costumes. This dog was a clown.

This doggie was a bumble-bee. I kinda think she should have been a bat instead, though.

And this was our favorite, of course! A Wiener-Skunk!

We had our Jack-o-lantern outside, all lit up and ready to give people a good Halloween scare.

Some of our neighbors had good Jack-o-lanterns, too! The 'partment building looked pretty good on Halloween.