Monday, June 22, 2009

Yeah, that was more than a month...

Sorry, buddies. That was three and a half months. Here's why:

Momma hasn't been good at writing up my posts. She got her dissertation done, defended it against her Special Attack Committee of Professors, and got her Ph.D a month ago. She was very stressed and sometimes unhappy, so I didn't have the heart to bug her about my bloggie.

And actually, I haven't seen her for a month now. Coco and I have been at Granny and Poppa's in Michigan, with my cousins Sophie, Sassy, and Cheetah, because Momma went to a conference in Spain and is going to move away from our 'partment next month so she thought we should just stay comfy at Gran & Gramps so we don't have to help pack stuff up and put it on a truck. Momma is pretty sure she is going to come here and stay with us at Granny and Poppa's because she doesn't have a job. She is very, very upset about this, which I don't really get, because living at Granny and Poppa's house is grate:

See how comfy I am? They have a nice sunporch and you can snooze out here all day and watch lots of birdies! The food's okay, too. I've assured Momma I'm getting enough to eat.

So while Momma isn't too good these days, I'm doing just fine, buddies! Sorry if I'm not back again for a while this summer, but it is hard to telecommute when Momma's computer is all the way back in Ithaca and I'm here in MI. Have a grate summer, every-buddy!