Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Attack Tabbies: a tribute

I was playing jungle kitty in the tall grass yesterday, when I met a new face in the neighborhood: a very elegant medium-furred brown tabby with a long nose and very nice green eyes. She was hangin' out under a honeysuckle, and I thought I'd go up to say "hi!", but I think maybe I bushed out my tail too much, and she said,
"OK, buster, that's close enough,"
when I was about three feet away. She was polite enough about it, I guess. Then Momma came over and told me that it looks like Tabby didn't want to share the honeysuckle, so we went back inside. Momma went back outside to ask Tabby if she needed anything, and she was very friendly and said,
"Just some face scritches, please!"
She had a hurty on her right hip, but Momma said it looked treated and her furs were shaved off around it, so she has someone taking care of her. So she must be someone's tough Attack Tabby.

So in honor of my new outdoor buddy Tabby, I thought I'd share a picture of one of the Ones Who Came Before, Scrappy the Cat.

This is Momma a squillion years ago

(fourteen, JJ)

when she was in college and found Scrappy roaming the streets of south-central L.A. He was one of the toughest dudes I've ever met, the kind that the lady-Beans like, even though he's difficult: good-lookin', smart, and really moody. He (and the other One Who Came Before, Scooter, who had a seizure and went to the Bridge a few months before I found Momma) lived with my Momma for seven years, through college and her stupid jobbity-jobs afterwards, until she got Coco in Chicago. Scrappy decided he didn't want to live with a dog, so he started peeing inside, which Momma said was Not Cool. So Scrappy lived with Granny and Poppa then for the next 6 years, and Granny spoiled him rotten. Seriously, it was disgusting, buddies. For some reason, Momma and Granny let Scraps get away with all sorts of stuff, which neither me nor Poppa nor Auntie Jane really understood. Quite frankly, buddies, we all thought he was kind of a jerk.

Well, Gran and Momma had to help Scrappy go to the Bridge this past January. He was fifteen, and he had had the diabetes for a long time, and all of his insides finally stopped working. Momma and Gran were really, really sad, and Gran still sees his ghost sometimes, around the corner.
So here's a Tuesday salute to all you Attack Tabbies out there: hurray for stripes!


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

That poor tabby in your neighbourhood with that hurty. :( We are glad it seems that someone is looking after her though.

Scrappy sounds like a tough fellow! That's a great photo of him and your mom!

Tybalt said...

I'm glad your new tabby friend seems to have a home and someone to care for her.

Scrappy sounds like the kind of cool tabby that the ladybeans seem to dig - thanks for introducing him to us! It is sad that he went across the bridge, but it is great that he still seems to visit sometimes.


Awww thanks for introducin us to Scooter -- he looks like a real love muffin.

We hopes that the lady tabby is being taken care of. You probably just startled her when you came outta the grass. I bet she is really nice.


Unknown said...

Jimmy Joe, it was nice that you were able to meet a new friend and that the new friend has a home.

Scrappy sounds like a neat tabby cat, I am sure your Gran and Mum still miss him alot.

Daisy said...

Thanks for telling us all about Scrappy, he seems like he was a great cat! You are brave to meet strange cats outside. I would be too scairt.

Purrageous Pirates said...

Scrappy sounds like a very cool kitty!!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Scrappy was very handsome. He was lucky your Momma found him and made sure he always had a wonderful loving home, first with her and then with Granny and Poppa. I know they must miss him a lot.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

hurray for striped indeed..except not stripy siamese.

Your human was very very pretty! And so was her attack tabby!

Lovely tribute, very very touching! x

Figaro the Therapy Cat said...

scrappy sounds very cool and also ferocious like my brother the figaro.


Parker said...

Scrappy sounds like he was a WONDERFUL tabby boy. He's the type of tabby that my Mommy loves. I am glad he was spoiled!

Mickey's Musings said...

Hey Jimmy Joe,
I'm glad your new friend has somebean looking after him :)
Thanks too,for sharing the story of Scrappy ! He sounded like quite the character! Heehee I'm happy he got a home with your Mom and then your Grandma !!
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

Spoiling-a-kitty-human is the best kind of human to have! Hooray for Granny and Poppa!

The Cat Realm said...

That was a nice salute - we are glad that Scrappy got spoiled rotten! Every cat should be!
P.S. Don't forget to post you picture at our reception blog!